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Frustrated with not being able to find ONE comprehensive guide to plan or run a golf tournament? We created this Master Golf Event Timeline with you in mind to show you how you can produce a successful golf tournament without losing your mind!

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No more being frustrated with searching the internet for ALL you need! Say goodbye to combing the internet for all the golf tournament tips and tools that you need. Enjoy the convenience of having all the critical information in one comprehensive guide!

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This guide, is a MUST have for your golf tournament planning toolkit. This clear step-by-step guide will help you plan a golf tournament of any size or nature. Master Golf Event Timeline gives you sequential tasks to be completed for each month, tasks for one week and one day before your tournament, tasks for the day of the tournament, and detailed tasks to wrap-up the event.

Tested And Proven

By using this detailed step-by-step golf event timeline, we've been able to raise $93,000 in sponsorship, and $54,000 of in-kind donation in less than three months. We've also been able to increase attendance by 100% in 5 weeks for a golf tournament.


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